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Web. Web. Web. Web. She was Aunt Janet&x27;s Granddaughter, really our third cousin. She was also spoiled rotten. Cried if she didn&x27;t get her way. She got her way a lot. My brother sat at the table and talked with the men. I don&x27;t think he enjoyed it much. It didn&x27;t LOOK like much fun, just sitting there and talking. He would have had more fun playing marbles with us. He just had to watch as Aunt Lisa kept spanking the child, and hear as Mila&39;s crying increased. As the spanking kept on Mila started kicking her feet, making her shorts slide down to her feet, but Aunt Lisa held the kid down so she couldn&39;t move anywhere. Something made Michael keep watching every single smack landing on his sister&39;s bottom.. How excited would you be if you were going to your aunt&39;s house for Thanksgiving and she made her signature &39;Spanked Ham&39; Related Topics Reddit Ask Social media Mobile app MetaReddit Information & communications technology Technology. Apr 21, 2021 There were three types of spankings with my aunt. A regular spanking with the hand, a lickin was with the wooden spoon, and the belt, of course, was the belt. She looked at Nancy and told her and me that we were both getting a lickin. At this time, Jessicas mom, Tracy, walked in and was told the story.. Web. Web. Web. Web. Web. Aunt Betty spanks - Maman spanking memories mothers, fathers, teachers, relatives and others Aunt Betty spanks When I was eight years old, I spent two nights at the house of my Betty, my favourite aunt. Aunt Betty didn&x27;t have any children of her own - that was perhaps why she always made me feel like a little prince when I was under her roof. Web. Web. Web. Web. Web. Web. Jack is young college kid and has discovered the joys of partying instead of the joys of education. Much to his Aunt Diane&39;s chagrin he won&39;t change. But when it all catches up with him, his bottom pays the price. If you like men being spanked by women this book is for you. This is a first person (short) story from Jack&39;s perspective.. Aunt Carolynn ran a day care for preschoolers with the help of her two daughters, Beth and Susan, aged 10 and 14 respectively. Rather than be a pleasant diversion in my summer vacation from school, it turned out to be one of the most humiliating experiences in my life, as Aunt Carolynn put my two cousins in charge of me in every way, and I was ..
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Web. Web. Nov 21, 2022 My clip - Missy Spanked by Aunt Clare - Full Scene (wmv, HD) just sold httpsclips4sale.comstudio433624527236 21 Nov 2022 233036. Aunt Lisa spanked him all over it, and she even spanked him on the back of his tighs. The worst blows were whenever she hit the same spot several times in a row. He cried and heard himself beg, but nothing happened. He just had to lay there and receive his spanking. After what felt like an eternety, Aunt Lisa finally let go of her firm grip of him.. Web. Web. Web. Web. Web.

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